Hvem er jeg?


Hvem er jeg? Hvem jeg er kan egentlig bedst summeres med mit resume på LinkedIn.

In 2010 I had just started attending business college. I knew I wanted to do something in the financial world. Whether it’d be accountant or something else, I didn’t know. All I knew was that it had to have something to do with financials.

When I started business college in 2010 I met my good friend Oliver who introduced me to the investing gurus Benjamin Graham and David Dodd. Since then I’ve read multiple titles from the authors and various other books.

My biggest investment.

In 2013 I saw a heavily undervalued company. I decided to pick up the stock at a favourable price. I bought shares in Apple and sold them this year for a huge profit. I think this is one of my biggest accomplishments because I picked up this company on the basis of what I learned from Benjamin Graham and David Dodd. My portfolio now consists of various stocks

I strive to reach goals. I am always very motivated. My desire to reach my goals fuels my passion for the game.
From spending a lot of time in the gym I learned that to reach your goals hard work is required, i.e. I know that to obtain a good yield on your stocks you must be prepared to go through the worst kind of bear markets, to be rewarded in the end with a bull market.

Today, I spend most of my time reading and studying. Books recommended by friends and colleagues I. Furthermore, I write articles and financial terms for Invested.dk.